Working By Referral from Day One

Any real estate agent can work by referral from day one using the principles we teach because principles always work.
We can prove it.

Attention Real Estate Agents, new and not so new

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Everyone told me I’d fail if I didn’t make cold calls, call expired listings, door knock or chase FSBO’s. I was convinced there had to be a better way and I was right.

We’ve got a checklist to help you get started if you’ll share your name and email address.

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Are you struggling to find enough leads?

Real estate agents who struggle with finding enough leads fear the worst. That’s having to quit and find a job and it’s the desperate position many agents find themselves in and they hate it. You’ve tried cold calling, calling expired listings and knocking on doors. It works but not enough to sustain you.

It takes hours every week that could be spent with the clients you have or with your family. Deep down you hate doing those things because you hate having them done to you. Where is your next deal coming from and how will you find it? Can you find enough business to keep going? You’re tired of the rat race and would love to find another way. If you don’t, you might just have to quit and get a job. 

What happens if you keep doing what you’re doing now?

How many hours do you work in a week? 30-40-50, more? How many deals did you do in the last 12 months? 12? 6? 0? Honestly, working harder, making more calls, knocking on more doors is not really the answer if you’re maxed out now? You have to do something different, right? 

How many deals do you want to do in 12 months? What does it cost you if you don’t get them?

Let’s say you’d like to do 20. 20 deals a year is a reasonable expectation in this business. If you only do 10 and your average commission on each deal is $6000 you are missing your potential by $60,000. That’s a cost of $5000 for each month you don’t solve this problem. $5000 per month you could be putting in the bank instead? Would that make a difference in your life? In your family’s life? 

Here is what I learned in my 1st year

My story started in 2003 as a new agent. I changed careers from a software engineer to a real estate agent to have the freedom to be at home more (I traveled 80% of the time) and to be able to earn more money. It was the dream of flexible hours and unlimited income.

Can you relate?

I had a list of 300 people I could contact and let them know I was available to help them with their ‘real estate needs‘ and I did. I started sending out newsletters and talking to a few folks but that first year was really disappointing.

I sold 7 houses as I worked with buyers and I knew that was not going to be enough to fulfill my dreams. I seldom knew where my next deal was coming from and I was considering the cold calling / door knocking route but really felt it was a mistake. I felt it would take me away from the things that were most valuable to me. My time with family and a focus on helping people. 

Over the course of the next year I learned the principles of working by referral and it began to click. I focused on taking care of the right people on my list and being more intentional with the referral methods. Now, this system is not calling and begging for referrals. In fact, I rarely bring up real estate in my conversations but my business went from 7 deals to 20 and it runs between 20-30 deals a year with a focused list of 100 people that I take care of. 

I’ve been teaching these principles to new agents in my office and seeing results from the ones who apply them. I want to help more agents and that is the offer I am making to you. I will help you and you can get started for free. I’ll show you what to do and give you tons of information to help you see how you can do this too. 

I found principles and systems that solved my problem

You can have a clear path, a system that shows you what to do everyday to have a steady stream of referrals coming to you. I have some tools to help you stay organized, motivated and clear on your next step for today. How would it feel to get up every day and know exactly what you need to do to generate referrals?

How about a budgeting template to show you how much you ought to spend and on what to keep your business going and growing? How about a plan to hire your first assistant because you are going to need the help or perhaps to hire a transaction coordinator if you aren’t ready for the assistant yet? You can be successful and do those 20-30 transactions a year if you will follow what we teach, do it consistently and you won’t have to make any cold calls. You won’t have to knock on a strangers door for a lead or call an expired listing. 

You can have the business you dreamed of when you started. A business where you help people buy and sell real estate and you get to have a life at the same time. If that sounds good then you will want to keep reading.

I want to help as many agents as I can and save them my 1st year’s painful experience.

Right now I am building a platform. I want to connect with new agents (less than 3 years), teach the principles I’ve used, show you what to do and get you started on the path to working by referral. Even if you’re not new, you’re welcome to join if you see value. The cost at this moment is just your email address and some of your attention. No money, just me sharing what I do and have learned and you asking questions. 

I’m building out a course and with your help it will be unique in this industry. This will be a 100 day plan to build your business for referrals from the 1st day. You’ll get special pricing on the course and you even get to include your questions and concerns if they fit the course outline. If they don’t fit this one we’ll work on creating what you need in the next one.

But let me be clear. You don’t have to spend any money to get value here. Sign up below and you’ll get the info I post daily and I’m going to teach through this blog. There is no charge to be here. You can stay here for as long as you want for free.

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My own coach says no one is doing this and it’s desperately needed. I want to know where you struggle, where you need help. I have a long list of things I”ll be writing about and you can see it here. If your struggle is not on this list then let me know and we’ll so our best to add it. 

Sign up below and let’s get started – It’s free for now!

If you want to participate then I need you to sign up below. No charge, no money but just a sincere desire to learn, give back and grow. This will not be available forever but to the charter members we’re going to make some special offers and keep you in a group by yourselves. When we get enough interest we’ll form a Facebook group so we can connect better.

Get on board now and we’ll get started. Just fill in your email address and name below, click the button and check your email for the confirmation steps.

Be sure to confirm via your email or you won’t be included. We use a double opt-in to make sure we only have folks who want to be included. 

No spam, no sharing your info. We won’t share your info ever unless someone is standing at the door with a badge, warrant and a gun. Just saying. 

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