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Things are not normal right now.

Remember, ‘normal’ is what you’re used to, not necessarily how it ought to be.

While things are all messed up, we’re here to help.

Here are the last 3 blog posts if you want to dive right in. We’re helping mentor new and struggling agents to work by referral. All are welcome but that’s the focus.

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Keep reading if you want to talk

I’m an associate broker with Keller Williams. I’ve been here since 2003 and have worked by referral from the start. I enjoy mentoring agents who want to work by referral too. It’s how I started. No cold calls, no expired listings, and no door knocking. I never wanted a big team but rather to take care of my clients when they need me and in turn provide for my family.

It is all about relationships for me.

To put things in perspective, you can easily handle over 50 deals a year with an assistant and a transaction coordinator. If you need help with buyers you can add a showing assistant. In fact, these ought to be your first new hires when you have enough business.

All that said, we’re still transitioning from what used to be ‘normal’ to what will be ‘normal’. This is not normal.

I will say, business is still pretty good in Georgia. We’re still seeing lots of sales, new listings coming on but not enough to meet demand and people are buying and selling as we move toward Fall 2020

Interest rates are really low, many folks are finding they have less in geographic restrictions and that helps with the lower inventory as they look farther out than what used to be a ‘normal’ commute. There will be more changes coming.

Remember, ‘normal’ is what you’re used to, not necessarily how it ought to be.

We’re likely to be in transition from the old ‘normal’ to a new ‘normal’ for a while and if you’re isolated due to the pandemic it might be helpful to talk to someone.

I’m here and I’ll talk with you.

I mean it.

If you want to schedule a call you can click on this link. It will take you to a calendar where you can request a 30-minute time block. I’ll accept and we’ll get on Google Meet to talk face to face. We can go longer than 30 minutes too but we might need to schedule another time.

It’s free and it might just help if you’re stuck. No strings, no pitch, just someone to listen and maybe get you unstuck.

I’m here if you want to reach out.

I hope you will.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson