85% of all new real estate agents fail inside of 3 years. We think that is because you’re sold the dream but then you’re expected to make it happen by doing things like cold calling and door knocking that turn life into a nightmare.

Jerry Robertson has been in real estate sales since 2003. After a slow start the first year he took his business from 7 transactions to 20 and it’s been between 20-30 every year without cold calling or door knocking. Our goal is to save you the first year of struggle that he had by teaching you to work by referral and getting you on the path toward a sustainable business that moves you from the 85% that fail to the 15% that make it.

There are lots of lessons to be learned but we make it simple and you’ll have support along the way.

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BTW, all this is free. I considered starting a business as a coach but there are so many coaches out there just trying to make a buck. I have decided to mentor agents who want to come along and do it for free. No charge, no kidding.

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