Daily Activity Tracker

I have created a tracking sheet so you can see how you’re doing. We don’t track how many cold calls or expired listings we pursued but instead track how many friends and relationships we contacted to see how they are doing. This is a process and you will see referrals if you stick with it.

The ones that trust you now will be happy to help and the others will trust you later.

Remember, a referral means they trust you. Go for that and this will be a great time to be in business, regardless of the market conditions.

If you’ll sign up for the tracker we’ll get a copy of how to use it, a sample already filled out as an example and a blank one for you to use. I’m providing this so you can get started tracking for free. CRM’s cost money and I want to see you make some before you spend any.

We’ll stay in touch too so you can reach out to ask questions and share success stories. I love success stories.

You can unsubscribe anytime and know we will not share your info with anyone unless they are at the door with a warrant, handcuffs and a gun. That’s a promise.

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