Becoming a Real Estate AgentGroup CoachingDiscovery Call for KW (Free)
Referral Focused MREA* Course (pre-release)“In School” Coaching30 Minute Consultation
One on One Coaching60 Minute Consultation

* MREA – The Millionaire Real Estate Agent book by Gary Keller is the authority running a real estate business. You can read a sample or buy the book here.


There are two different courses
The first is a short video series that helps you understand what it is to own a business instead of just having a job. The cost of this course is $10.

If you want to know more about this you can go to /Journey and see the next video

The second is a pre-release version of our Referral Focused MREA Course. MREA is short for Millionaire Real Estate Agent and is the book’s title written by Gary Keller. It is offered at a significant discount and is for a limited time. This is a sample that is being completely rewritten and updated.

The intro is below.


We have 3 levels of coaching

First is group coaching, which is offered to those wondering if real estate is for them. It’s intended to answer questions, help you decide if it’s right for you, and support your decision-making process.

Second is our coaching for folks who have taken the plunge and started the classes required to get their license. This is usually for a short time (6 months or less) while you are taking the classes. It’s not a requirement but we offer it to help you focus on what’s important now.

Third are the folks who made it and want a coach to help them on their way to realizing their dream. We focus on working by referral, never making a cold call or knocking on a door for a lead. We include systems we have used since 2004 and have gotten folks to the top of their offices. Our goal is to get you productive and on your way, saving you about a year or two of effort.


We have 3 different levels.
We offer one-on-one opportunities to talk with me and get some clarity.

The first option is free and something I offer to anyone considering joining Keller Williams Realty and needing help finding the right person and office to get the details. Schedule a Discovery Call if you want to know more.

Lastly, you can schedule either a half-hour or one-hour personal consultation and we can talk about anything business-related. Are you thinking of changing brokerages? Having trouble getting started? Have questions about working by referral? Schedule a time to talk and get some clarity. I’ve been in this business for 20+ years and have seen a lot. Perspective can change everything!