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The day's work

The day’s work

This is the basis of any business. The day's work, well done, gives the best results but it sounds too ...
real estate agent giving a printed document to a buyer

Real Estate and Self-Deception – Buyers

Photo by RODNAE Productions on I love buyers. Without them, there would be no real estate transactions but more ...
Real Estate and Self-Deception - Appraisals

Real Estate and Self-Deception – Appraisals

Somehow we think of appraisals as truth when the reality is they are opinions. Educated opinions and based on data ...
fir tree decor

Real Estate and Self-deception – Attics

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on In Georgia, they are hot in the summer. I guess that might be true ...
lawyers posing for a photo

Real Estate and Self-Deception – Attorneys

Photo by August de Richelieu on "I don't want an attorney to tell me what I can't do. I ...
rocket launch liftoff long exposure

Is it time for something new?

Photo by SpaceX on A new year is almost upon us. I sit and reflect on the past, look ...
a tired man sitting at his desk rubbing his eyes

Real Estate and Self Deception – Agents

Photo by Yan Krukov on Getting my license - I started out as an agent. That CDROM course I ...
Steep hill on the back road

Real Estate and Self Deception

Steep hill on the back road by Nigel Brown is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0 Let's have a little fun. I ...


Joy is the simplest form of gratitude. My friend Vanessa called me for coffee yesterday and during our conversation, I ...

No Hope, GA

These are some articles I am working on and doing it just for fun. Not a regular thing for me but as I get the inspiration and time you’ll see more come up here.

No Hope, GA - The Church

No Hope, GA – The Church

That's what they called it. Since there was only one church they just called it 'the church'. That would change ...
No Hope, GA

No Hope, GA

Founded - April 9, 1865Population - 13 Sherman burned it all. Some say that's why the South is still a ...