Hello world!

This has been 14 years coming. I transitioned from being an engineer to selling real estate in 2003. I learned during my 1st year 85% of new agents fail in 3 years (or less) and that was a sobering thought.

I didn’t want to fail.

I believe that percentage is so high because as an industry are great at selling the dream but not so good at helping newbies follow through. Most agents are taught they have to do ‘lead generation’ to make it in this business but most  are taught cold calling, calling for sale by owners and door knocking as the primary means to lead gen. No one wants to do that stuff.

My story includes the unique truth of never making a cold call. Not once.

I was convinced I could do this business by referral from day one and I have. My goal for this venture is to teach everyone who comes, how I did it and how to do it for yourselves.

Stay tuned for more but I needed to get this started so I have. I hope you have a great weekend and maybe you’ll come back to see how it’s going.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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Photo by ayes