Is it time for something new?

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A new year is almost upon us. I sit and reflect on the past, look at the present, and have expectations about the future. Expectations. Really they are hopes because we really don’t have control over much beyond our actions and reactions but we make plans and carry them out to the best of our ability.

My immediate past involved a cold. I’ve been sick since Christmas and started to feel better yesterday. I worked a bit, made a couple of phone calls, and kept an appointment. Last night a kidney stone started in and it was awful. It only lasted an hour or so but the pain was intense. I’m still waiting to see if it comes back, but I’m fine now.

That’s what I mean though, we don’t have control of much except our actions and reactions. I couldn’t do much to control a cold or a kidney stone but I hoped I would get better. I expected to get better. I could eat right, exercise, and maybe go for a walk but beyond that, a lot of things are out of my control.

So, what’s the point? Where am I going with this?

What actions are you going to take in the new year? Some call them resolutions and others call them goals but really, they are boiled down to actions.

Losing weight is not an action. Eating right is. Short of cutting off an appendage, you can’t do anything to “lose weight”. Eating right is something you can do every day. The result of eating right will be the lower weight, good blood work, and better health. #NSNG stands for No Sugar, No Grains and it is how I’ve eaten for the last 9 months or so. I’ve lost almost 40 pounds and feel great. If you’re curious you can check out Vinnie Tortorich and watch his documentary Fat on YouTube. It’s an action you can take.

Exercise is a resolution or goal everyone has but few last beyond the first 6 weeks. Just check out the gym now and 6 weeks from now and you’ll see what I mean. You can’t outrun a bad diet so exercise is a terrible way to lose weight but it’s the fountain of youth. Vinnie says that too. That’s an action you can take.

Writing is an action I am taking this year. It helps me clarify my thoughts, possibly helps others, and maybe teaches me something about myself. It’s an action I can take daily to better myself, and my business, and to grow more. Reading fits in there too so I have something to write about.

I’ll stop there. Too many goals just become a Wish List and I find that 3 or 4 is enough for anyone.

What action are you taking? Give it some thought. Call me if I can help.

Happy New Year!

Thanks for listening,