No, they won’t.

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There are some odd things that happen in this business when you first get started. At least they will feel odd to you.

Most of your family and friends won’t do business with you (at first).

It’s a real disappointment.

That was not what you expected. Most of us are surprised when we discover our sphere of influence is a lot smaller than we thought. We expected our friends to ‘just use us’ when the time arises. I believe the reason they don’t use us are two fold.

1. They don’t know you are in the business. It’s our job to let them know but we are not really effective at doing that. Sometimes we mail them an ‘announcement’ and they don’t see it. It looks like junk mail and they don’t realize it’s you. We do this because we are afraid to call and tell them.

2. They don’t know if they can trust us yet. It’s a big deal to buy or sell a house and they are not sure how much you know.

The best thing you can do it to let them know you’re in the business face to face and you know a lot about the market.

You can overcome a lot with a few details and simple facts about the market. Things like the amount of inventory, average appreciation and and clear understanding of what the news has to say and why there are news stories that can look at the same facts and spin them into bad news and good news at the same time.

Things like the number of houses sold in the last 6 months and other facts you can glean from the data in the MLS. This business is simple but it’s not easy. Do your homework and be clear about what you know and what you don’t and commit to learning continually.

You can also share you have a mentor who will help you along the way (if you don’t have one maybe we need to talk) and anything you don’t know, you can get answers to.

Your friends like you and will want to work with you but you have to give them reasons to trust you.

Keep learning and thanks for listening,

Jerry Robertson
678-616-1578 Direct

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