What can I learn from a lifer – Bob Hartwell

I’m starting a new series. Interviews with agents who have decided it’s Keller Williams for life or at least the rest of their career.

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There are lots of companies out there and it’s confusing to decide which one to go with. One thing I’ve noticed is you can change companies anytime you want to. If you came to KW and found it wasn’t for you, then it’s easy to go back but if you give it a try I think you’ll agree, it’s the place to be for an agent who wants to grow, become a better agent and be with the top company with the best tools in the business.

With no further delay, here is my interview with Bob Hartwell.


I hope you enjoyed that and I’d love to talk to you if you think KW might be a good place to be.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson