A Notebook

Keeping track.

We all try to keep track. Track of what we own. Track of what we owe. I saw a show where one of the characters kept a notebook of everything she had ‘borrowed’ to pay back the value of what she took.

It was a long list.

She justified what she took because she needed it. Food. Candy. Jewelry. Even the value of electricity for charging her cell phone. It was a long list. Her goal was to ‘owe nobody nuthin’ when she died. She wanted to be even. Tough to do.

fountain pen note notebook page 1851096

I don’t think I can get even.

I don’t think you can either.

I don’t think we’re supposed to.

One of the things I believe is we’re supposed to give more than we take. If you live that way you’ll find more opportunities, friends, money, and so on. It becomes too long to keep track of. If you take more than you give, the opposite will be true. At first, it seems to work but as your reputation precedes you the opportunities dry up, the friends disappear and you’re left with people who take more than they give.

That’s not attractive. Give it some thought.

Thanks for listening,