This is a mindset. One of abundance is revealed when you work by referral but the cold calling / expired listing path shows one of scarcity.

On the day a listing expires the seller gets 30-40 calls before noon in my market and it causes confusion and frustration for the seller. There are limited number of expired listings and it seems like an unlimited number of agents desperate for the listing. I think this will come to an end as the consumer enforces their rights via lawsuits under the do not call list and TCPA.

If you work by referral your database insulates you from the scarcity mentality because you are the agent they refer to when the opportunity comes along. You have to do the work but I can tell you I am not afraid of another agent or any of the iBuyers that fill the news today. My folks trust me and refer me frequently.

I’d love to hear your perspective on abundance. Feel free to comment below and add to the conversation.

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