Buyers are …

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“If all the evidence points to an obvious conclusion and yet the conclusion cannot be reached . . . if everything seems to have been done and yet the results refuse to come in . . . then a fact is missing from your equation. In other words, there is something you do not know.” Just Jones by Andy Andrews

“Buyers and liars”. We’ve all said it and sometimes it seems to be true but I suspect it’s that we didn’t ask the right questions. I have a story about that.

I was helping a couple find a house. They told me the most they could afford was mid $400,000 so I showed them EVERY house in that price range. For the area they were in that was about 25-30 houses and it took about 2 weeks (the market was a lot slower then). I asked them if they liked this one or if they could see themselves living here, they had said yes, but would not “pull the trigger”. I was frustrated.

A week went by and I got a call from the wife. She said that “they” had decided she was not going to work full time and that they were afraid they would not like anything in the new price range. After a little more discussion I figured out that $250,000 was the new price point, showed them 5 houses on Saturday and they picked one.

I tell that as an example of not having enough information. It really was no one’s fault but it was a critical bit of information that was missing. Don’t assume you know all the information when something doesn’t make sense to you. Ask more questions and you might get to the bottom of the issue.