One of my favorite things is music. I love listening but getting to sit with the musician and talk about where the music came from is way better. Stories. To get to do that is hard unless you invite them to your house and that is what I get to do.

2 or 3 times a year I host a house concert. It’s a magical evening when I get to do that and I have one we’re working on for April or May this year. I’ve been in touch with Ben Glover from Ireland (now living in Nashville) and we’re working on a schedule.

I thought I’d share so you can see one of the ways to build community in your database. I get to invite all of my best clients and referring partners to a house concert. Seating is limited to about 25 or so but that means they have to RSVP and I create a wait list to fill in the last minute gaps. Even the ones who can’t make it appreciate being invited to a night like this.

Cost can be a few hundred dollars but it’s also possible to charge a cover if it’s not specifically a client event. I’ve done both. Food is handled by a pitch in / covered dish where everyone brings something to share and whatever they are drinking. It helps with the cost and the liability.

All I’m saying is you can find the things you love and pass that on to your connections. It helps build community and it leads to a great evening. If you want to chat about what goes into a great house concert, give me a call. I’m happy to share.

If you google ‘house concerts’ you’ll find a ton of info. It’s all helpful but don’t be afraid to call me. I love getting another great venue started for the musicians who need a place to share what’s on their hearts.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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