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We all make choices in what we do or how we respond. Some would say ‘I have to lead generate’ and others would say ‘I get to lead generate’. Personally I don’t like that term ‘lead generate’ at all. I think it reduces how important the people you meet are to a number. It’s transactional thinking and can reduce the activity to a numbers game and that takes the joy out of it.

Joy? I enjoy meeting and talking with people. It wears me out but I enjoy the interaction. Wearing me out is that introvert aspect of me and I have to be aware of it or I get overwhelmed with people but a bit of solitude and I’m back at it.

I enjoy connecting with the folks in my sphere and getting caught up on their lives. Listening to how I can help, real estate related or not. Just being of help. Do they need an introduction to find a job? Looking for a good deal on a new TV? Telling them about the great route I found on my motorcycle and maybe leading a ride for all to enjoy? It’s not work if you love doing it and that is the point.

Figure out what you love to do and then do that with people. Connect and be sure to tell them about your business and how you work when the conversation goes there but don’t feel like you have to hit them with the ‘referral script’.

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