I saw an offer for an ‘automatic’ marketing campaign the other day. I am not sure it can deliver on the promise implied.

We believe something automated means there is no work on our part but I know that is not true. In my old life I was an engineer that created automation and it’s hard work to conceive, create and maintain automation. It does clearly relieve humans of the repetitive work in automotive assembly but it created the need for maintenance and repair to keep things running. The work had to be clearly defined in order to create the system but doing that on an assembly line is pretty easy.

Working with humans, not so much.

In our business of real estate we’d like to ‘automate’ the lead generation but when you do that you have to create something that appeals to the largest possible audience to get results worth the effort but then we have to sort out the results to find the folks really ready to buy, able to buy and motivated to buy. Same is true if you are trolling for sellers. Not everyone can sell and many are not motivated to do so.

There is no trust implied and in some ways we seem to be looking for the most gullible, most desperate or really just anyone able to fog a mirror. They require the most work, most emotional labor and the close rate is pretty low. Not what I’m looking for in my business. It’s exhausting!

When you work by referral much of the work is done for you. It’s done by the folks who refer you. That’s ‘automation’ I can get behind because it’s efficient and it came from connections you build.

The work of connection, nurture and communication (yes, you might have to make a phone call) is good work that serves people and the result is relationships that send you business. Future clients who trust you right out of the box because the referral instilled that trust from the very beginning.

The ones that come to you by referral have likely said to someone “I’m thinking about buying a house” and that was the key phrase you taught to your connection. You teach them how to refer you. How to connect you and they do it. They call you with a phone number and an introduction to their friend and you’re off and running.

That’s what it means to work by referral. Building trust with the folks you know. The ones you like and respect. They are the ones who share your name, your skills and the trust you’ve put into them with others. That’s where my business comes from. It’s still hard work but it’s not the exhausting, frustrating sort of work that comes from trying to make automation produce quality leads.

This is article 1 of a string I plan to produce over the next 30 days. I am working to write 1 article a day for the next 30 days. There, I said it. 30 days and 30 articles. Stay tuned to see if I can do it.

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Jerry Robertson
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