Human relationships

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“For them to be able to compromise, I have to be able to compromise first. Then they’ll be able to compromise but it’s silly, neither of us compromising.” Paul McCartney

I’m watching the documentary on the Beatles called “Get Back” and this is where the part where George has walked out, John hasn’t shown up for practice and Paul and Ringo (and others) are talking about the state of the band.

You can see the angst in his face. He’s contemplating the future without the band and what all that means. The lads got differences worked out for the short term and I don’t want the spoil it if you haven’t seen it but I think it’s a lesson for us today.

Compromise is a lost art. We watch as our politicians spin the facts and they make a point instead of making a difference. We participate in the spin on social media because “the other side does it”.

Maybe we could take a lesson from Paul and go first.

“It’s silly, neither of us compromising.”