Monday Motivation – It’s a good life

Yeah, I know it’s not Monday when I’m posting this. I wanted to share it anyway from another blog I write and it’s been a busy week. Grace and mercy is my request for being late but I hope the message resonates with someone today.

My coach says it all the time. “It’s a good life”. I’ve borrowed that as a mantra of my own but it’s sometimes misunderstood. Bad things happen and this little clip shares a core thought about that and what to do about it.

Check it out.



It’s a good life. I maintain that even in the dark times because it’s true. There is always something good to focus on even in the bad. Making a list of the things you’re grateful for help focus on the good and can change your perspective and changing your perspective can change everything without changing any of the facts or circumstances. Perspective can help you see new solutions or experience gratitude in the dark times and that helps.

It’s not perfect. It’s not always great but it’s a good life and if you can focus on that today it will help you if you’re experiencing some difficult times.

I hope you have a great week and if you ever need to just sit down with a friend and share life and maybe a coffee, call me. I’ll do all I can to listen first and help if I can.

It’s a good life!
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