What do you drive?

So, I saw this post on Facebook the other day in a real estate agent group. The intent was to figure out what sort of car most agents drive in their work. You can imagine the responses ran from Aston Martin to Lincoln Zephyr. Most of the time this conversation comes around I just smile as I read about the Mercedes that makes them look successful or how they have to have a limo to haul all the kids around when showing houses.

I smile because I drive a 1984 El Camino.


Yes, I drive it every day. It’s the car I choose for a few reasons but mostly because I like it and I can even tell a story about getting a client because of it. No, not a listing in Winder, GA (but it might help for that too).

So, what are the reasons I drive this old cruck? (car in the front / truck in the back)

It’s a truck for one. It is helpful in hauling stuff that you don’t want in your car. It’s just practical for that. I can haul mulch, pine straw, firewood and the list goes on.

Second, I like a little quiet time between showings. If I have more than one buyer with me, they have to follow me to the next showing. Personally, I think that helps them get to know the area better but as an introvert, I need a little silence to recharge.

I think I’m a better agent because of it. I get to focus on the task at hand when I’m showing a house and talking to my clients but then I get to relax a bit and not feel like I’m on stage the whole time. For an introvert that is a big deal and if you’re an introvert (that does not mean ‘shy’ by the way) then you know what I’m talking about.

It works for me and that’s the point I wanted to get to.

I think the bottom line is to be yourself.

Do things that make you happy and you’ll attract people like yourself. Happy people, comfortable in their own skin. I don’t know that I want to attract clients who judge me based on the car I drive or even the clothes I wear. I’m a professional and I think I connect well with folks but I’m an individual and that is true of you too. No one can be a better ‘you’.

Don’t cheat us out of the person you are by trying to be someone else.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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