Picking a Broker

There are thousands of brokerages, brokers and companies. How in the world do you pick?

How did you pick your doctor, dentist, plumber, lawn guy? Was it a referral? Did it come from someone you trust or did you just do a web search? Even in a web search you likely read reviews and picked out the person you needed based on a recommendation.

Picking a broker is the same thing. Do you have an agent that helped you get started? I did. Monica introduced me to my broker and I signed up right after I got my license. I only ‘interviewed’ one. Frankly it was not a good fit but I got started anyway and once I figured out that broker was not able to help me in the sort of business I wanted I moved offices. I started with Keller Williams in 2003 and even though I changed offices and brokers I stayed with KW. Lots of reasons and I’m not recruiting but feel free to ask me why I’m here.

Ask questions about splits, training, support, coaching, monthly costs, company dollar and caps. Do the math and see what works for you. Do you have to pay anything before you earn a commission? What is the paperwork like? Who do you call with a question?

Expect to be above average when you do the math because I know a few agents who started with a low split, low transaction fees but then moved to an office with a cap on company dollar. It saved them money and brought them more business in the long run. Plan ahead. You’ll not be a new agent forever!

Listen to your intuition when you hear the answers and if something seems off then dig deeper. Interview other offices, brokers, companies and find one that fits you. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake either. That is one way we learn. I’d say it’s sometimes the best way. The lessons seem to stick better on those.

If it costs you money then call it tuition and make sure you learn the lesson taught. Be fearless but not careless. One lesson I learned is symbolized by my $50,000 baseball cap. It’s not a lesson in real estate but was one about investing. I’ll tell the story sometime.

There will be lots of folks with an opinion of who’s the best or what office has the best deal. KW used to be the ‘recruiting king’ but that place has been assumed by other companies now. KW is the largest company, best in training according to many sources and I believe we have a great culture. We give more than we take. We’re not perfect and frankly I don’t really care if you join us or another company. That is not my point.

Find someone you trust and ask them who they recommend. I’d be happy to talk with you if you want to call me. That’s why my number is below.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
678-616-1578 Direct