Believe in Yourself

No one else can do that. It has to be you.

When we first start out it’s natural to look around and try to emulate someone successful but it’s a mistake to do it and lose your own perspective. I’m not saying you can’t look around, find success and learn from it. I’m saying you should but it has to be congruent with who you are if you want to connect with anyone to do business with them.

When I started out I was determined to work by referral. Building the list of people to work with was pretty easy. I had a large list from my old company, kids sports connections and my wife’s network. It was about 300 people. Not a bad start. My surprise came when I only did 7 deals the 1st year. I was mailing my list, going to classes and waiting for the phone to ring. It did but not enough.

Sound familiar?

My broker told me I had to make calls to expired listings and for sale by owners and honestly I could not see that as a path to success. I heard 85% of the new agents would be gone in 3 years and I didn’t want to be one of them. If this is what most of them did, no wonder they failed.

I was presented the option of selling real estate over a weekend where I believed God had a direct influence on my thoughts and I followed the lead. It’s a long story for another time but I felt going down the cold call path was the wrong direction. It seemed to me I ought to do something different so I focused on referrals. It was confusing and sometimes frustrating but I believed it was the best path. After all, most top agents will tell you their best business comes by referral.

I’ll share more as we go but after that 1st year I’ve done 20-30 transactions most years, been in the top 20% in the office regularly and sometimes in the top 10 overall. Last year I was No. 5 out of 250 agents. Success in my goals and I’m doing the things that fit with my perspective. My personality.

I don’t want a mega team. I don’t want to run a bunch of buyers agents. I want to help my folks, be there for them when they have friends and family who need help.

To serve at a high level and build community while providing for my own family and building a good real estate practice. One to be trusted.

If that’s what you want then maybe I can help with thoughts, direction, strategy and even some tactics. I got my brokers license a while back, worked as a compliance broker in my office for a few years and love helping new agents get started on the right foot. I’ve been mentoring agents one on one for the last few years and will be expanding that work online and producing videos to teach and encourage.

I am not your broker and if you come to me with broker questions that would be better handled by them I’ll send you back but know my goal is to show how to do this business by referral, focused on serving your clients and helping you follow your path in all this. I’m finding it’s a rare thing in this business to have that mindset but I believe it’s the right way to do it.

If that sounds like something you’d like then sign up below.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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