Knowledge is valuable

Here is a list of ‘lessons’ I thought about to share with folks. In no particular order (except the way they popped into my head) is a list of things I wish someone had taught me when I was ready to learn.

What are you ready to learn? Comment below and we’ll get started with the lessons. Since you’re here, I have to say all of these lessons will be from a referral mindset. It matters how you want to work and if we are not in sync you’ll say it won’t work or you won’t like what I have to say but if you do then this is the place for you.

  1. Contracts Class – The Why, not just the How.
  2. Handling inspections and amendments to address concerns
  3. Contracts to close – a checklist
  4. Not all Lenders are the same – choose your partners well
  5. Handwritten notes – what to write and when
  6. Database – build, qualify, sort and contact
  7. Choosing a CRM – free or paid, company or 3rd party
  8. Starting a web presence – get your name as a domain
  9. Be Yourself because no one else can
  10. Measuring Trust – Someone says “I gave them your card” and how that’s bad
  11. CMA and how to figure out the price
  12. Appealing an appraisal
  13. Listings or Buyers or Both?
  14. Why hasn’t my listing sold?
  15. PreApproval vs PreQualification – Working with buyers
  16. How to work with New Construction for your buyers
  17. How to give a referral
  18. Teaching clients about referrals 
  19. Should you have an LLC?
  20. Firing a client – Hit the road Jack!
  21. Choosing a broker? Who is a good fit for you?
  22. Listing presentation – from yellow pad to iPad
  23. Interviewing a buyer – Will you work with everyone?
  24. First 30 day checklist
  25. When should I start buying leads?
  26. Business owner or Employee?
  27. FSBO and Expired Listings – are they worth the time?
  28. Shifting Markets – buyer or seller markets?
  29. Finding Foreclosures in my market
  30. Branding vs advertising. Is it worth it? 
  31. Highest and Best or Eeny Meeny Miney Mo?
  32. Using county records / internet to find info on properties
  33. Asking questions is better than answering them
  34. Transactional or Relational? Or both? Where do you focus for the best return?

There is more to learn and if you want something I didn’t list then comment below and we’ll add it. I plan to teach these things via video and blog posts or both, depending on the best way to get the info across.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson

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