Spray and Pray or …

One of my favorite writers, speakers and thought leaders is Seth Godin. He just posted an article I wanted to share and comment on.

We all want to grow our business or get that job or a hundred other things to improve our situation. Seth talked about 2 ways to go. Spray and pray, do as little work as possible to reach as many people as possible. It’s a numbers game!


Build relationships. Give more than you get. Share real value for free. Give, give, give. If you give sincerely and then make an ask, the folks you’re building relationships with will trust you and are more likely to help when you ask.

I talk about it all the time. Transactional or Relational. What sort of life do you want? It’s not just business or work or your job. It’s about your life. There are not two or three lives for us. It’s not personal or work, business or home. We are the common denominator in all those places.

It’s our life. Period.

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