Monday Motivation – Wake Up

Monday can be a tough day if spent in the emergency room but the good news is we are OK. It just took us off our schedule a little but my coach shared this and I felt it was worth it. It will be there for next week or maybe for you because you needed it today.

After that tough day Monday I was grateful to go to bed and I slept well. Susan got up early and I could hear her using the microwave, I could hear her talking to Alexa but then I went back to sleep. She gets up really early and I don’t but at 7am sharp I heard (in my head at least) someone said my name.

Not just my first name, it was JERRY WAYNE!

Now I had not done anything wrong and I guess I was dreaming but it was clear as day and it was time to get up so I did. Kind of like in this video. If you need a little boost to get up I can tell you that hearing someone use your ‘whole’ name works, even if it’s in your head.

I hope you have a great week and if there is anything I can do to  help, please give me a call. I’m here if you need anything.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
678-616-1578 Cell

Photo by llorias

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