Starting Fresh

That’s usually a message for a new year. Starting fresh is a good feeling and I guess I got to thinking about it because Spring is almost here. It coincides with something I am starting too.

I have been in real estate since 2003. As I look back, it just does not seem possible but the numbers don’t lie. I started my journey in March 2003 and got my real estate license in July 2003. A lot has happened since then.

At the start, I felt it was wasted time and energy to follow the traditional path of cold calling, door knocking and, expired listing pursuit. Too much time and rejection were involved with slim returns. I guess if there is no other way it works but it’s a lot like a slot machine. The only way you win is to quit because it will eventually empty your pockets (or your soul) if you keep playing that game. I suspect that is why so many fail in this business.

I’ve seen that happen for too many agents and I want to show those interested a different path.

I’m starting a team to train new and ‘starting over’ agents in working by referral and it gives me a chance to help about 7 agents at a time. I currently have 2 interested so there are 5 spots left.

I can’t do that remotely. It has to be in person, in my office to make the numbers work in the way I see it. It has to be a few at a time to make sure I have time for each person on the team.

I am open to helping those who want to talk but you can’t be on the team if you’re not local to NE Atlanta area.

I have started a Facebook group called The Everyday Agent to help us gather. This is targeted to the agent who gets up every day, focuses on their clients and does it to support themselves and their families. Not every agent wants to be a mega agent or a huge team and I see that void.

If you can’t be on the team then join us on the Facebook group. I’m going to post there, answer questions from a ‘working by referral perspective’ and will be available as much as possible.

If you’re still not sure this is for you then maybe we need to talk.

If you’re struggling and need to talk to someone, I’m here. I’ll talk with you.

I mean it.

If you want to schedule a 30-minute call you can click on this link. It will take you to a calendar where you can request a 30-minute time block. I’ll accept and we’ll get on zoom to talk face to face.

It’s free and it might just help if you’re stuck. No strings, no pitch, just someone to listen and maybe get you unstuck.

I’m here if you want to reach out.

I hope you will.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
678-616-1578 Direct Line