21 Truths for New Agents – Day 1

I’m going to share 21 truths for new agents over the next 7 days.

I’ve been an agent since 2003 and an associate broker since 2009 with Keller Williams in Atlanta. I’ve survived the ‘crash’ of 2008 and am currently in the Coronavirus shutdown. I have time to write so I am.

My hope is this helps you as a new agent (or an agent who wants to listen) to see if you can improve your game while we’re restricted.

By the way, in GA we are considered an essential business and as long as we practice safe distancing and follow the rules, we are out and about doing our jobs. Be safe and carry on. This too shall pass.

Let me preface these truths with the fact they are not in order. They are all truths and you ought to follow them. Put them into practice and you’ll be ok.

Truth No. 1 – You have to bring the energy. Entropy is a real thing, especially in human relationships. Part of this is the ‘top of mind’ other agents talk about. You won’t be top of mind if you are not in front of people. You have to show them you’re ready, willing and able to help them. Now I’m not talking about the ShamWow kind of energy necessarily unless that’s your normal way of doing things. My coach said, “you are the straw that stirs the drink” and while straws might not be available to you, you get my point. Bring energy and don’t get discouraged when it seems to always fall on you to make it happen. It does.

Truth No. 2 – You have to be yourself. No one else can do that. By being yourself you’ll attract your tribe, the folks who know you, like you and trust you. Find your own voice and don’t be afraid to use it. This can be reflected on the outside by the way you dress, how you talk, what you drive and how much you care about others. Personally I am pretty casual, wearing jeans most of the time, speaking calming and carefully, driving an 84 El Camino and working by referral since the beginning. I cared about my folks as much as anyone can, putting their interests above mine as much as any human can. It has worked for me.

Truth No. 3 – You have to be consistent in your chosen path of lead generation. I chose referrals and I’ve never cold-called, never knocked on a door for a lead or called an expired listing. It’s possible if you want bad enough to figure out how to do that but it’s not the only path.

There are 3 ways this business works out. You can figure it out on your own before you run out of money, you can get some help so you don’t make all the mistakes yourself and shorten your learning curve or you end up like most, getting out of business because you are broke or worse, deeply in debt. I’d recommend getting a coach or mentor but that’s up to you.

That’s enough for today. Check back for the next post tomorrow. We’ll keep going but I want to offer something extra to you in this ‘interesting’ time.

If you’re struggling and need to talk to someone, I’m here and I’ll talk with you.

I mean it.

If you want to schedule a 30-minute call you can click on this link. It will take you to a calendar where you can request a 30-minute time block. I’ll accept and we’ll get on zoom to talk face to face.

It’s free and it might just help if you’re stuck. No strings, no pitch, just someone to listen and maybe get you unstuck.

I’m here if you want to reach out.

I hope you will.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
678-616-1578 Direct Line