Win the day

When I was a new agent I went to all the classes I could manage. I wanted to learn as soon as I could so I could make some money. Not for money’s sake but to be able to have food with my meals.

I was in a 2 day buyers agent class and it was covering a lot of info but there was a moment where I heard the thing I had to do to stay in business.

This might have been the 1st time I heard the 85/15 stat about agents failing. (85% of all new agents will be gone in 3 years) but I’m not certain on that point. It was the first time I was giving a clear to-do list as a new agent.

The instructor came in after break on the afternoon of the 2nd day and as we quieted down he asked us “how many of you are new agents?”. Most of the hands went up. He grinned and said “you don’t have anything to do, do you?”. Shuffling feet, nervous laughs was all we could hear.

He leaned in and said “If you will make 5 calls to your database, write 5 notes and see 5 houses everyday, you’ll succeed in the business”. He was right then and he’s right now but I’m going to help you with a little grace.

If you will do that list for a day you win the day. If you win the day 4 days out of the week, you win the week. 3 weeks out of a month and you win the month. 8 months out of the year and you win the year.

Grace is built in. You won’t do it every day but you can win the year by doing it most days. Now I’ll caution you, you have to track it because we are excellent at self deception as humans and you can’t measure what you don’t track.

That’s it for today. Go get the Daily Activity Tracker and get started. It’s a free resource I created just for this purpose.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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