I listened to a leadership teaching our pastor did some time ago and it had something I want to share. I suspect this is going to be 3 posts so I can cover each part while keeping each short enough to read in a few minutes.

Part 1 is about Abandon. To have enough faith in what you’re doing to commit fully. We’ve likely all heard the story of Cortez and the burning of the ships but I don’t think that story is actually true. It’s one told to make a point but I am going to use another story.

I love Raiders of the Lost Ark so here is a clip about faith.

What if we don’t get what we hope for. What if we only get what we believe in enough to pursue fully. To leap from where are to where we want to be without looking back. To abandon what is comfortable and go where only faith can take you.

There is a story in the bible (Numbers 13:1-33) about the Israelites about to take the Promised Land and they sent in 12 spies to see what was there.

They spent 40 days looking around and came back with 2 different stories. Joshua and Caleb told of a wonderful place and they believed what God promised. They believed they could take the land. (Numbers 34)

The other 10 reported the same about the bounty and conditions of the land but couched in a message of fear and reservation. They said they would fail because of the people who lived in the land and the majority of the people believed them. Joshua and Caleb persisted but were finally silenced with threats of death.

It’s an interesting story I suggest you read for yourself but what I want to point out here is both groups were right. Both stories came true. It was failure for the 10 but success for the 2.

The 10 spies failed to take the land and it was the start of the 40 year journey for the Israelites in the wilderness. All of those people who failed to believe perished in the wilderness but Joshua and Caleb survived and were healthy and robust even at the age of 80 to do what was needed to take the land, 40 years later.

I think the belief you can do something prepares you in ways we don’t understand fully to succeed in the endeavor. We see opportunities that if we’re not convinced, we miss or don’t act on fully.

Henry Ford said “If you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right”.

I’ve told my story of refusing to make cold calls because I believed this business can be better done if you work by referral. I did not want to waste time searching for the next transaction and spent energy building relationships instead.

I was faced with lots of folks telling me I’d fail but I’m still here and doing just fine but I will say I was tested many times. I read back into my old journals and saw my reservations and fear but doing that propelled me forward even when I was not sure of what was ahead.

You will be tested too but belief is a powerful ally in this battle for success. It is the 1st of 3 things I have to share on this so watch for the next post.

We’ll talk about Continue as the next part.

If you’re being tested in your business then maybe we can help. I’d love to talk to you or we can email if you like. Reach out and let me know how I can help.

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