Creativity – Ideas Before Results

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We are all creative!

That is a bold statement and I suspect there are some of you who disagree with me. I’m OK with that but you’re wrong.  When we were children we were all creative, curious and investigated the world to figure it out. We figured out how to walk, talk and we used our minds to imagine.

Since then we have all been told things that might not be true. We’ve been told math is better than dancing. Maybe it is if you’re a mathematician or psychometrician but not if you’re a dancer.

In my digging I found this TED talk and I’d recommend it to you. It’s about 20 minutes and worth the time.

I have another person for you to listen to. His name is Seth Godin and this one is about 17 minutes long. He asks a question about school. “What’s it for?” and we need to answer that. Check it out.

Between these two guys I think you begin to see what happened to our (yours and mine) creativity. It has been ‘educated’ out of us and it’s a shame. We are all creative and we can recover much of that imagination to use in our work.

BTW Seth referenced the KKK when he talked about how public education got started and I had to check it out.  You can see some info on that topic right here. It’s fascinating what you can learn when you go digging.

I’ve got 3 more articles to finish up the discussion on the culture of the company I’m a part of. Stay tuned and I’ll do my best to finish them up this week.

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