I got confused

I got confused. I was incorrectly focused on working by referral because it worked for me and I wanted to show how it can work for you.

Maybe it won’t.

My real focus is on mentoring and always has been but I got confused. Mentoring is more than working by referral. It’s part of it but all I seemed to be talking about was working by referral.

Maybe it’s not what you need. I get it. Real estate is an awesome business and you can do it anywhere, at any level, part time, full time, luxury, commercial and the list goes on.

I got great response and great pleasure from helping new agents get started but it was a lot more than just working by referral and I got distracted from that. I am sorry for the confusion.

Starting right now the focus is again on mentoring. It will lean toward coaching some but it is mostly mentoring. What is the difference? This comes from an article by Gary Burnison published here if you want to whole article. I loved the definitions.

Type of advice: Coaching
What it involves: Enhancing skills, self-awareness and self-management
Desired outcomes: Task proficiency; personal and professional development

Type of advice: Mentoring
What it involves: Providing opportunities, guidance and protection to aid career success
Desire outcomes: A relationship dedicated to building and sustaining professional and personal effectiveness and to career advancement

I have created a site for courses you can sign up for. Free courses that will teach several aspects of being an agent. Time management, finances, database organization, and more to come. There are two courses right now and more coming very soon. I’ve been requested to teach contracts and how to create opportunities to negotiate and then negotiation classes. Tactics and how to counter them. It’s coming.

Thanks for your patience while I figured this out. Share with others who might want some help getting started or enhancing their knowledge.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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