Referral Focused MREA Based Course for the solo agent

It’s almost ready. We have been developing and refining this course and it’s about to be released. This course will be referral focused because what you focus on expands. We’ll use the Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA) book as a textbook for the details as they apply to the solo agent.

We’ll provide a step by step approach that you can accomplish in 90 days or less to launch your real estate business. This comes from years of coaching, application, and mentoring experience. Our goal is to compress those years of experience into this course and save you all the time and money spent to learn these lessons. You really shouldn’t do this on your own if you don’t have to.

Here is a summary of the modules we’ve included

Module 1 – Planning your business
This covers how to find your Big Why, creating the right mindset for success and establishing goals in the 5 major segments of life. Those segments break down into Spiritual, Family, Business, Financial, and Personal. Balancing all of those areas takes focus and decisions about your true priorities.

Module 2 – The 7 Habits of Profitable Agents
We are a product of our habits. Most of what we do every day is habit driven. We’ll cover how to create new habits and break old ones.

Module 3 – Setting up your business
From the first page of your business plan, planning your finances, choosing the right business structure to what you need for equipment, software, and systems to run a successful real estate business is covered in this module. We’ll provide a chart of accounts for Quickbooks, how to set up payroll and more of the details for running your business.

Module 4 – Building your Database for Referrals
This module will go deep into the systems and structure of a database, how to build it, grow it, feed it and harvest from it. This is the heart of any business and truly your only asset worth selling when you’re ready to retire or pass it along to your family.

Module 5 – Profit NOT Wages
You started a business to create wealth. If you’re only working for wages, you might as well have a job. It would be less stressful but also less rewarding. Being your own boss has great advantages but unless you make a profit you missed the best part.

Module 6 – Filling your pipeline
A steady stream is a goal. Creating that flow comes from the consistent application of the principles taught here. We’ll provide a daily schedule and show you how to practice it.

Module 7 – Branding and Marketing
Do you need your own brand? You might be surprised to find out you already have one. Don’t waste your resources on things you don’t need.

Module 8 – Success and what’s next
As a solo agent, you get to make a lot of choices. How to spend your time each day, who you work with and how to grow your business. You started out in survival, moved to stability and now you’re enjoying success. What are the next steps you want to take? This module can help you figure that out.

We have some bonuses planned
Geared toward the new agent or the agent just getting that referral focus, we will help with tactics and tips for negotiation, choosing a broker, writing contracts and more.

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