Entropy. The idea of entropy comes from a principle of thermodynamics dealing with energy. It usually refers to the idea that everything in the universe eventually moves from order to disorder, and entropy is the measurement of that change.

In our world of real estate, we constantly have to put energy into the system or it will slide to zero. Zero deals, zero sales, zero commission. That takes energy from you.

Energy to make calls, write notes and to go see folks face to face. In the teaching from our pastor that we’ve been talking about, it’s leaders who put the energy in but the idea of it being temporary is carried by the video above.

Leaders wind up the system and it runs for a while. We put in the time and adjust our perspective and attitude to create energy. If the input is in the right places at the right time it can create momentum. Momentum can carry you for awhile and allow you to rest or be diverted to tend to other things but you always have to come back to ‘wind it up’ again.

Sometimes we get tired. Market forces can produce friction and that can slow down the system. Momentum won’t carry you as far as before and you have to come up with more energy.

Where does it come from?

Personally I am experiencing this right now. Deals are harder to keep together. Buyers are fatigued by the limited inventory and that seems to have had a counter intuitive effect. Buyers are secure in where ever they are living and they are being picky. I’ve had terminations for silly things and it’s collapsed the house of cards on contingent deals. Sellers are still thinking they can ask higher prices, leave things undone and still get above market value.

It’s not working so we have to put energy into conversations with sellers to get them in line with the market, buyers to show them the things they are concerned about are minor (if they are) and all this to manage expectations all the way to the table.

In seasons like this, lead generation is not as productive but if you put the energy into your database consistently the momentum generated is far greater than the results from cold calling FSBO or expired listings and there is a positive flow of energy from your database back to you. It helps when friends talk to friends.

But you still get tired.

So what do you do? You learn to rest instead of quit.

Give in for a bit but don’t give up. Giving in leaves the door open. Giving up slams it shut. Those are words from a song I like from Green River Ordinance. Check it out.

Green River Ordinance – It Ain't Love (Official Video) from Sam Ryan on Vimeo.

I have a story in my past life (I’m a recovering engineer). I was working at Honda of America, putting in a new painting system. We had to work nights from 6pm to 6am. At about 3am one morning I hit a wall. I was trying to fix a software bug and it wasn’t working. I was tired from doing those hours for several days in a row, sleeping very little and I was exhausted.

My project manager came by and saw me leaning up against the spray booth wall, visibly frustrated asked me what I was going to do and I replied “I’m going to get some sleep”. He ask me in an aggravated tone “well, what do you expect me to do?” and I said “I’d suggest you go get some sleep too”. I left, wen’t to bed and the next night I was able to clearly see the bug, fix it in about 10 minutes and move on.

To continue but it required rest.

The point is I gave in. I did not give up. See the difference and do what you need to so you can continue. Rest, sleep, go see a movie, go for a walk but don’t quit. Regenerate, focus on your reasons but being here. Make a gratitude list, review how far you’ve come in the last year but don’t quit.

All those things will help you get past the tough spot. It’s temporary and will pass.

I hope this is helpful. It is for me, just to remind myself these rough spots are temporary.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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