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Results through people. You can only do so much yourself. There is a limit to your time, energy and other resources. Finding the people to connect to seems like a puzzle sometimes but the rewards are enormous.

One of the first folks I hired was a house cleaner. The second was a lawn service. I suspect that is not what you were thinking but those two hires freed up enormous amounts of time and removed a lot of stress in my life for a very reasonable cost. I also have an assistant and with those three hires I got my mornings back, a clean house and a well manicured lawn.

This idea of out sourcing labor is called leverage where I work. The belief is we can do more by finding folks to do the things we are not good at, dislike doing or can be done for a reasonable cost. It allows us to focus on the things that only we can do and that is the best use of your time.

There is a lot more involved if you are creating a team and I’m not going to address that in this post but know there are great resources to help you define  positions and job descriptions.

For one good resource, check out the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book for more details on building real estate teams or just to have a model for information on being successful regardless of the type of business you want to have. This book is good to help define budgets, job descriptions and multiple levels from a sole practitioner to a full company where the principle creator is not involved in the day to day business.

This completes the Culture posts and I am happy to answer questions. You are welcome to call me and if I don’t answer I promise to call you back.

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