Today is…

Today is a good day to have a good day. I have a shirt that says that.

Today is a good day even if the new construction agent yells at you and hangs up the phone on you.

Today’s a good day even if you had to go to the dentist.

Today’s a good day even if you’re car needs some repairs.

Today’s a good day even if you haven’t heard from that million-dollar listing opportunity yet.

Today’s a good day even if …

Well, you get the idea. It’s a decision you get to make. Circumstances do not determine what sort of day you have. You get to do that.

If you woke up this morning in a clean, dry bed be grateful. Some did not.

If you woke up this morning and found food in the refrigerator, be grateful. Some did not.

If you found a refrigerator in your house be grateful. We are blessed beyond most of the world population and I’m grateful for it. I don’t want to minimize troubles that some have. We all have tough times, a closing that doesn’t work out, more bills than money and it can be hard to see the good but I hope this little post gives you something to think about. Many times we get frustrated with our lives and it helps to know it will pass.

Good or bad, this too shall pass. Don’t let that decide what sort of day you’ll have.

My day started with coffee, breakfast and some time to read on my back porch. I have meaningful work to do and I can make a difference in someone’s life today.

I hope you find your good day tomorrow, just like I plan to.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
678-616-1578 Direct

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