Customer Relationships – Part 2

Once you get some people and businesses in your Gmail Contacts it begins to bring you value everyday. You can track what you talk about , when you talk and create lists of things to do, all for free, all with Google tools. It really is a very powerful set of things but it lacks in a few areas.

Would you like to know if someone opened your emails? How many times it was opened? Would you like to send an email to multiple people and make it look like you sent it to each individual, including a personal salutation and perhaps other personally connecting details?

The tool to do that is Streak and at it’s basic level it’s also free to use as a plugin to Gmail. You can track opens for each email you send and you can do what is called a mail merge to create mass emails that feel a lot more personal.

I’m not proposing you spam people so make sure you get the permission we talked about in the last article so they are expecting your info but you can leverage the technology and use your time better.

There are some built in features for real estate agents and other sales pros called pipelines and honestly I’ve never used it but it’s there and I believe it’s free to use too. It also has a feature called ‘send later’ so you can schedule replies or new emails to go out at a certain time of day.

I am a recovering engineer so I am always looking for ways to leverage technology so I don’t have to work as hard. Streak is one tool I use almost everyday and it really makes my life a lot easier.

I use something else for my CRM and that’s an article for another time and I wanted to share something free to use for the new agents just getting started. With Steak installed, you can get a long with your database, for free and when you want to upgrade you can export all the info you’ve collected and install it into another CRM.

Give it a try and I’d love to hear from you on how it goes. Feel free to comment below or give me a call. I’m here to help.

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