Lessons Learned

Have you ever failed? I mean really failed. As a young engineer getting started in writing software, I made a commitment to write some code and launch a test system in the lab I worked in.

I spent days doing what would eventually turn out to be a simple thing but for me, at that time, it was anything but simple. I failed to get it running and we had to bring in an outside contractor to ‘save the day’.

I was embarrassed. Humiliated might not be too strong a word for what I felt. I had been working with someone else’s code and I thought I knew what I was doing and could now write my own. I was wrong.

So what? I was wrong. It was an event, not a life sentence. I learned a lot in the process of failing and went on to be a very skilled programmer and software developer before I got into real estate. The key is I learned from it. If you learn something then it’s not failure. It’s a lesson.

I just wanted to share that thought and maybe ask you what lessons you’ve learned. Comment below with something you’ve learned as an agent growing in skills and developing into a real pro in this business.

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Jerry Robertson
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