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I changed offices once. I kept the same company, broker, and just changed which office I worked out of. That came with a new team leader aligned with the way I wanted to pursue business and a culture that better fit my “jeans and polo” dress code. I’m not a button-down, shirt and tie sort of guy.

My split, company dollar, and cap stayed the same. That had nothing to do with the change. It was all about culture and encouragement. If I had not made that move, I likely would have quit the business. It was that critical. In 2006 I had an assistant, a good year of sales and we had no clue how bad it was about to get but there was a concern as we watched the ‘shift’ take place. I don’t need to detail what happened next. We all know what it was.

I’m here to share my office and culture with you. Starting in 2007 or so we got a team leader that set the tone for the next 5 years and it saved us as an office. That tone persists today even though we have tripled in size, gotten a new team leader, and are in a seller’s market that just seems to keep on going.

Our productivity numbers speak for themselves. Our office outsells our next 5 competitors COMBINED in the Atlanta Market. Success leaves clues and I want to show you some of the advantages our office has.

We’ve prepared a document that will show you how we deliver on the “Agent First” philosophy at KW. Some companies try but they just don’t provide anything even close to what we have at Keller Williams North Gwinnett. You can download this pdf for details but I’ll go over the list so you know what I’m talking about.

  • KW Agent Website – Exclusive KW Built and Customizable Home Search and Lead Generation sites
  • KW Mobile App – Exclusive KW Built Consumer Mobile App, Fully integrated with Agent Sites
  • KW Command – CRM, Automated Email/Text Campaigns, Transaction Manager, Marketing Tools and more
  • VoicePad – Find unrepresented buyers easily with hte Curbside Lead Gen system
  • Free Facebook Leads through KW Command – Many companies say they work with Facebook. Facebooks says they work with us!
  • ListHub Pro – Online Marketing Tools to get more exposure and generate more leads from your listings. Your listing = your leads
  • Keller Offers – Ready to Sell – Get your seller a 0% interest loan t upgrade their home and help you sell it faster and for top dollar
  • Keller Offers CiB – Become a certified iBuyer and begtin to make Guaranteed Cash Offers to sellers who what to sell without listing
  • Keller Mortgage Zero Plus – Win more buyers with $0 Origination, $0 Processing, $0 Underwriting Fees and up to $1000 credit at closing
  • Homeward – Win more contracts by turning your buyer into a cash buyer using Homeward’s money
  • NewHomeSource Professional – Find the new construction and share with your clients
  • Keller Covered – Connect your clients with multiple home insurance quotes in minutes
  • Comprehensive Monthly Training Calendar + Free CE – We can teach you the best practices and provide training on the best systems in the business
  • OnDemandShowingAgents – This is the leverage you need when you have more buyers than you can handle. Qualified agents willing to show listings to your buyers and help you get them to the table faster without the committment that comes with hiring a buyers agent.
  • Agent HealthCare Options – 2 great options for Agent Health Care, both with negotiated rates
  • KW Profit Share – Build passive income and long term wealth
  • Pay at Close or Automatic Deposit of Commissions – No waiting for your commission check
  • Ramsey+– Premium subscriptoin to the Dave Ramsey Financial and Budget management tools – it’s not just how much you make, it’s how much you keep.
  • Buford Coaching – A comprehensive coaching program designed to raise your level of productivity

Whew, that’s a list! I can’t stress enough how KW supports the agents. We really are first with the market center, the region, and even at the corporate level.

We are the only PRIVATELY-HELD, AGENT-CENTRIC, INTERDEPENDENT real estate company driven by PURPOSE & COMMUNITY, led by the Steve Jobs of the real estate industry, that is building PROPRIETARY technology to PROTECT and ELEVATE the role of the true real estate professional in an industry that is now trying to turn them into low paid functionaries!

I’ve been here for 18 years and plan to finish my career with this company and in this market center. If you want to talk about any of this, if you want to get to the truth about KW and how we support our agents, don’t listen to the scuttlebutt and rumors or that disgruntled agent (we can’t please everyone) but give me a call or schedule a time to chat.

I’ll be happy to tell you how it is from the perspective of a ‘lifer’.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson