You had 1 job!

I just read a story headline that read
“Someone left a human heart on a Southwest Airlines flight”.  

My first thought was to think about the person responsible for that heart. They had one job and it was a really important job and something went really awry. 

I read the story and the details are still fuzzy but the pilot found out about the mistake and turned the flight around. I think the heart got to where it needed to in time but as I marinated on it most of the day I kept coming back to that thought.

You had 1 job.

What’s your one job? Do you have 1 job that is really important to care for? 

In our business the most important thing is lead generation but what does that mean when you work by referral. Like the details of that story, it can be a bit fuzzy. 

We would likely say our business is built on relationships, wouldn’t we? We connect with people every day and some come into our sphere of influence and some don’t. What makes the difference? Our energy level can make the difference or the attitude of the person we meet. Things just don’t click and we pass on them or we find we like them and it allows them to enter our stream of relationships. 

A stream is an interesting metaphor. People come and they go. I just had a closing with a couple I met just a few weeks ago. They listed their house with me and moved to Utah. That’s a long way from Atlanta and chances are I will never see them again. It was a great relationship and we had several hurdles to overcome but it closed and we all said ‘Thanks’, but now they are gone. Outside my sphere. That’s not a bad thing but it is a true thing. People come and people go. 

So back to that one job. I love that our business can be built on relationships and a great quote from Scott Stratten (@unmarketing) said it best. “If you believe business is built on relationships, make building them your business.”

I would propose that is your 1 job. Build relationships every day. It requires time, energy and maybe a bit of your money but it will be worth so much more than the time, energy and money you might spend on online leads or cold calling. So much more. 

Have a great weekend if I don’t get anything posted before then. I’m working on videos and it’s going to be a packed time to get some work done. 

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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