Working on or Working in?

I’ve been working on my database for the last few days. My company has produced a new CRM and after looking at it for weeks I’ve decided to make the leap.

Instead of tracking my activities and logging my calls, notes, and visits, I’ve been moving data from one place to another but even that has its benefits for a referral-based business. That is what I’m focused on in the post.

I’m a recovering engineer so working with databases is pretty natural for me. I used to write that software for a living (25 years). It’s certainly not my favorite thing to do but sometimes stuff like this has to be done.

My company has done a pretty decent job on this CRM. It’s called Command and will provide us a window into our entire business from one place. I’m pretty hard to please with the online software world and I have to say, this one is decent so far.

In the process of moving data, I get to look at each person’s name and recall a face. It raises memories of our past and potential for our future in the form of our relationship and when you work by referral, that’s the whole point. Better relationships mean better business.

It’s a little like cleaning the house or decluttering. If it doesn’t bring you joy then … I’m not saying throw them out but I am saying evaluate where they fit in your business. If the relationship is not great, if they don’t answer the phone when you call or at least call you back then maybe they are not an A in your business. Even if the past relationship was a good one during the transaction, people change. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

So I moved my A+, A, B and C clients over to the new system, sent neighborhood updates to all the A and A+ folks and generated a few conversations. It opened the door for communication with 133 people and gives me a positive bit of momentum to start the rest of the year.

What are you doing to get your business on the right track and for the next 5 weeks? 5 weeks is about all we have to lead generate for the rest of the year, right? It’s September already, right?

Dates on the calendar are closer than they appear.

Once I get everyone moved over, tagged and sorted I’ll be making some follow up calls to my best relationships and see how I can help them. Business or beyond, I’m here to help with referrals to vendors and contractors, local businesses and really any way I can be of service. it’s a great way to do business and makes the journey much more pleasant in the long run.

What are you doing?